Classroom Management

Classroom management is the glue holding learning together.

But HOW exactly do we maintain a consistent, well balanced portion of glue- without occasionally spilling over?...


My attitude towards teaching is one that I have used throughout life. If at first you don't succeed, try and try - again. I do not believe there is nothing you can do for a student. I believe if you haven't helped a child in some way, then you have failed as a teacher. This may sound harsh at first, but being the person who is in charge of developing a student's mind -socially and academically- is a high stakes job to be taken very seriously. It is the teacher's job to find a way to help a student learn or develop in some way. If I have not figured out a way to help a child reach his/her goals, I will have found several ways that do not help- and I will continue searching for the one that works. Just because a teacher gives up on a student does not mean that student's development is put on hold until the teacher re-assumes the task. The importance of attitude is high and will serve teachers well if they have the mental patience for longevity. On a lighter note, I also believe in positive attitude and our reflections in the eyes of children. It may not be easy to be positive, but it is so worth the effort and those who look to you will notice.

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  1. I'm a college maths lecturer interested in Jungian psychology. I work with my shadow in order to improve both my teaching practice and student behaviour. I have converted my shadow dialogues into a series of animations which are available on my website Here is a dialogue with my inner rebellious teenager. Healing this part of my shadow had a positive impact in the classroom.


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